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A False Claims Act, pending in The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey against Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey and a number of individual dentists, has been settled. The complaint alleges that local Dentists Edward Poller, Glenn Prager, Christopher Emma, Todd Prager, and Daniel DiCesare instructed employees to “delete” all credit balances for the patients in their 22 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This complaint is one of the first cases settled under the New Jersey False Claims Act and is believed to be the first “whistleblower” case involving a novel allegation under the New Jersey Unclaimed Property Act. The complaint alleges violation of the Federal and New Jersey False Claims Acts. The defendants have agreed to pay over $420,000.00 including payment for the State and Federal false claims ($200,000), a penalty to the New Jersey Unclaimed Property Office ($75,000), a wrongful discharge settlement ($87,500) and all attorney’s fees. It is not known whether insurance companies will also seek reimbursement.
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